Are public adjusters legal in florida?

Public appraisers must be licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services and comply with a strict code of ethics. Public appraisers are independent and do not work for or represent your insurance company. A) The full name, permanent business address, and license number of the public appraiser or apprentice public appraiser. D) A certification that compensation for public adjustment services will not exceed the limits established by law.

Ron DeSantis enacted new requirements for public appraisers as part of a broader law that addresses consumer protection in the P%26C and health insurance markets. People who want to work as public appraisers in Florida must complete the following steps to obtain a legal license before processing insurance claims. Once your payment has been processed, you'll receive the official bond documentation from the public appraiser in your email inbox instantly. Follow this Florida Public Appraiser License Guide to understand the registration requirements of the Florida Department of Financial Services.

If the signatures of all the named insured persons are not available, the public appraiser must submit an affidavit signed by the available named insured persons that they have the authority to enter into the contract and resolve all claim issues on behalf of the named insured persons. The Insurance Agent and Agency Services Division of the Licensing Office enforces and administers two different types of public appraiser licenses. Watch the following video for a summary of the steps involved in the Florida public appraiser licensing process. The contract must indicate the percentage of compensation for the services of the public appraiser; the type of claim, including an emergency claim, a non-emergency claim, or a supplementary claim; the signatures of the public appraiser and all named insured persons; and the date of signing.

Public experts working in Florida must provide a number of materials when applying for a Florida public appraiser license. The term also includes any person who, in exchange for money, fees, or anything else of value, requests, investigates, or adjusts such claims on behalf of a public appraiser. In the past two years, important changes have been made to the Florida Statutes that regulate the business of public appraisers. Applicants will submit their Florida public appraiser license applications through the Department of Financial Services' Licensing Office online portal.

In order to obtain a Florida public appraiser license, you must be at least 18 years old and be a citizen of the United States or legal alien who holds a work authorization from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Services. Unlike public appraisers, independent adjusters represent insurance companies and do not work on behalf of individual policyholders.

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