Hiring a Public Adjuster: A Step-by-Step Guide

The claims process can be a daunting task, involving preliminary work, paperwork, mathematics, insurance rules, and negotiation. After a big loss, many people describe their experience with an insurance claim as a full-time job. Listing, describing and evaluating everything that was damaged or destroyed, meeting with adjusters, inspectors and contractors, and reviewing reports and estimates requires a lot of time and labor. Negotiating a fair claim settlement can be even more difficult, especially after an emotionally devastating catastrophe. UP offers tips and tools to help you process your claim on your own.

However, if you want to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve, you may want to consider hiring a public adjuster. A public adjuster is an independent, trained insurance professional who helps people with the home insurance claim process. A public appraiser is an independent insurance professional that a policyholder can hire to help resolve an insurance claim on their behalf. Finding the best public appraiser near you can provide tremendous benefits to the process and outcome of your insurance claim. If you have already started negotiations with your insurance company and have received a settlement offer, the public appraiser may only charge you a commission for the additional money added to that agreement. As an independent insurance professional, a public appraiser works for the policyholder to ensure that their claim is resolved fairly and efficiently.

Some people hire a public appraiser to avoid disputes throughout the process and, at the same time, ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve. Some people think that the additional expense of hiring a public appraiser is worth it, if only for the peace of mind that they won't have to manage the claims process themselves. For any home insurance claim, a public appraiser can point to the money in the claims that you are entitled to and that you didn't even know about. After all, you can't expect the landlord to be an insurance expert. When there is a dispute with an insurance company about the amount of settlement you are entitled to, your best defense will be a public appraiser who can do all the necessary work. Today, you can hire an authorized public adjuster at a “contingent” (percentage) fee who will process your claim and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Robert is a UP volunteer and authorized public adjuster based in the San Francisco Bay Area with Crown Adjusting, LLC. Keep in mind that while a public adjuster can help you with the claims process, they cannot provide you with more money than you are entitled to under your insurance policy. The best time to hire a public claims adjuster is before you file your claim or early in the claims process. Ideally, you should find a public adjuster with unique experience dealing with your specific type of claim. A public insurance adjuster is a state-licensed insurance claims professional who can decipher the language of the policy and claim that you receive everything that is owed to you under the terms of your insurance policy when you have suffered a loss and are filing a claim. Every insurance claim can be quite complicated, but the benefits of hiring a public insurance adjuster are simple.

With their expertise in navigating through complex paperwork and negotiating with insurers on your behalf, they can help ensure that you receive all of the compensation that is due to you under your policy.

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