Are public adjusters worth the money?

A report from the Florida OPPAGA, a legislative policy analysis office, states that a public appraiser gets an average of 747% more in their insurance settlement than if they hadn't used one. This is positive proof that by using a public appraiser, you are guaranteed much more money for your insurance claim. Filing a major insurance claim requires a lot of time and energy, between filling out forms and communicating with the insurer. If you already have a demanding full-time job, are busy looking after children, or just don't want to deal with the hassles, it may be worth hiring a public appraiser.

When you file a claim, you may be fine on your own, or you may be better off hiring help. It's an individual decision that you must make based on your own circumstances. An authorized public appraiser can be your representative and advocate in the process of “adjusting (processing) your claim” and “liquidating” (paying) it. As with any professional, some public adjusters are better than others.

The last thing you need when you've suffered a major loss are additional problems, so check them carefully before hiring. Resist high-pressure sales pitches and don't hire prematurely. As an independent insurance professional, a public appraiser works for the policyholder to ensure that their claim is resolved fairly and efficiently. For any home insurance claim, a public appraiser can point to the money in the claims to which you are entitled and that you didn't even know.

After all, you can't expect the landlord to be an insurance expert. You can also check if they are members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. If you're in the process of filing a claim with your insurance company, it may be worth hiring a public appraiser. In the case of a minor claim, a public appraiser may be able to find text in your insurance contract that could result in thousands of additional dollars for your claim.

For example, if the claim is resolved and additional damage is discovered during repairs, you may want to hire a public appraiser to assess the total cost. Thanks to their experience and determination to find everything possible, the public appraiser can help ensure that nothing is omitted in the claim or in the resolution of the claim. A public appraiser cannot get more money from the insurer than you are entitled to receive under the policy. A landlord may decide to hire a public appraiser if they have a potentially significant claim and are worried that they will cover everything.

If the public appraiser is questioning the damage or how much it might cost to repair it, you may decide to use a contractor for a second opinion. If you choose to do so, your public appraiser will act as a liaison so that you never have to talk to a representative or negotiate yourself. If you are faced with a major claim with a potentially high payment, consider the price before choosing to hire a public appraiser. However, some people pose as public appraisers after a disaster to get part of the payment of their claim for themselves.

If you initially filed your own claim and are not satisfied with your insurer's settlement offer, you can hire a public appraiser to review the case and negotiate a higher payment.

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