Do all types of losses qualify for assistance from a public adjuster when filing an insurance claim?

Public appraisers only process or advise on claims related to the loss of property of others. These include real estate, both residential and commercial, personal and commercial properties, modes of transportation such as cars, trucks and airplanes, and other assets covered by our own insurance policies. A public insurance adjuster is an independent, trained insurance professional who helps people with the home insurance claim process. In the case of a minor claim, a public appraiser may be able to find text in your insurance contract that could result in thousands of additional dollars for your claim.

A public appraiser can help you with the claims process and ensure that your payment is fair and accurately reflects the damages and your coverage. Good insurance adjusters often rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for new businesses, so if you know a good public appraiser, tell a friend. As an independent insurance professional, a public appraiser works for the policyholder to ensure that their claim is resolved fairly and efficiently. For any home insurance claim, a public appraiser can point to the money in the claims to which you are entitled and that you didn't even know.

After all, you can't expect the landlord to be an insurance expert.

Dewey Davern
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