Do I Need to Provide Additional Information or Documents to a Public Adjuster After Hiring Them?

When you decide to hire help to process your insurance claims, it is important to find an experienced public adjuster with good references and a fair price. It is possible for an insurance company to refuse to negotiate with a public adjuster or to refuse to pay the desired settlement. A public adjuster is any person, firm, association, or corporation that acts on behalf of an insurer by investigating and adjusting claims that arise under insurance contracts issued by the insurer. You can hire an authorized public adjuster at a “contingent” (percentage) fee who will process your claim and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. A public adjuster can help reopen a claim with the insurer and file a supplementary claim for additional payments.

Your insurance company will send its own adjuster, but you can also hire a public adjuster to assess the loss of property on your behalf and help you file insurance claims. If you don't know anyone who can recommend an adjuster they've worked with personally, ask your prospective adjuster for the contact information of some of their previous customers. It is essential to check references and agree on rates and terms before entering into a contract with a public adjuster. Public adjuster fees are usually a percentage of the amount that the insurance company pays for the policyholder's claim. A policyholder may forget or be unaware of all the costs that may be included in a claim, but public adjusters are professionals and are unlikely to overlook any costs.

Visit United's policyholder claims help library, read your policy and endorsements (extras), and be sure to review the policy with any public adjuster you're considering hiring before hiring them. Generally, a public adjuster handles the entirety of a claim on behalf of their clients, including communication with the insurer, but some policyholders may want to participate in some measure. Public insurance adjusters must be licensed in each state in which they practice their profession and, like other professionals, must participate in continuing education courses to retain their license. Policyholders should be sure that they are claiming the right amount, and hiring a public adjuster is the best way to do that. Public adjusters can file and negotiate claims for damage caused by floods, fires, smoke, wind and hurricanes, as well as for damage caused by other hazards and even for loss of business income if caused by property damage. Once you have hired a public adjuster, it is important to provide them with all necessary information and documents related to your claim.

This includes any documents related to your policy such as endorsements (extras), photographs of the damage, repair estimates, invoices for repairs already completed, etc. Providing all relevant information will help ensure that your claim is processed quickly and accurately.

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